Welcome to the Metrolina’s interactive blog.

Moderated by one of Rock Hill’s very own (born and raised), and an individual who has traveled half-the-world-over only to settle back down in his college town (also Rock Hill).  The fact is that the Greater Charlotte Area is growing at an astounding rate (more than 30% over the last 10 years).  We are searching to figure out what is bringing so many people to the Metrolina, and interested in pointing these migrants to the resources and places that will make their experience here special.

We want this blog to be an interactive one.  Developed to bring into the light some of the more obscure happenings and some of the not-so-heard-of places…the only catch is that we want YOU to share your experiences as well.

As unfortunate as it is, we are simply unable to be everywhere at once.  So we will look to YOU to highlight some spectacular events, eats, venues, and sights as well.  Feel free to share your reviews, photos, stop-bys and cut-throughs in the comments of our posts.

If you are interested in blogging, and are looking for a way to get started….we extend to you that opportunity.  Email your blog material for review to atlasconcepts@yahoo.com, your content will be screened, edited and (if used) you will be credited.

Here we help define…the Metrolina.

View our Disclosures and Notices.


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