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Atlas Concepts LLC_Metrolina_York County Reservation Bike Routeimage courtesy York County Planning & Development

The Reservation Bike Route, also known locally as Route 2, is a 31 mile route with an optional 3.8 mile cut-through, which travels through historic downtown Rock Hill and the Catawba Indian Nation.

The route offers a variety of difficulty as well as several variations in scenery–from the historic sites in downtown Rock Hill to the shaded rural stretches characteristic of York County.

Atlas Concepts LLC_Metrolina_30 Mile

York County recommends several parking locations for accessing the route, to include: downtown Rock Hill, Friedheim Park, South Pointe High School, Rock Hill High School and the Catawba Indian Nation.

I have the luxury of accessing this route on bike, but would personally recommend using the parking garage in downtown Rock Hill. The garage is located on East Black Street near the intersection of Dave Lyle Boulevard (across the street from the Rock Hill Police Department), and is accessible to the public free of charge.

Atlas Concepts LLC_Metrolina_Rock Hill SC Parking Deck

When exiting the parking garage onto East Black Street, head right to Dave Lyle Boulevard. Turn left onto Dave Lyle Boulevard traveling southwest for approximately a half of a mile and continue onto Friedheim Road. Ensure that you veer right onto Friedheim Road as the intersections layout, in combination with the preceding route sign, can be enough cause for question.

Atlas Concepts LLC_Metrolina_Friedheim Road

When you consider taking on this route, you may in part be doing so to experience the Catawba Indian Nation. It is my understanding that the Catawba Indian Nation is (to date) the only federally recognized tribe in the state of South Carolina.

The Catawba Reservation stretches approximately 158 miles along the Catawba River in Rock Hill, South Carolina. The Nation provides an abundance of cultural experiences and offers a variety of programs and services to its members and surrounding communities. There are also volunteer opportunities for those wishing to partner with the tribe in preparing for the future through avenues such as education, economic development, and planning.

Specifically regarding the bike route, the reality is that there is about 500 feet of the Reservation through which you will actually ride. This distance is comprised of two segments one approximately 470 feet (at the intersection of Reservation Road and Dunn Road) and the other near 40 feet (where Pow Wow Road meets Reservation Road). Don’t let this detail keep you from the challenge and experience the Reservation Route has to offer.

Atlas Concepts LLC_Metrolina_Catawba Indian Reservation

image courtesy of Google Maps

With elevation variances from 530ft to 700ft, there are a few challenging inclines which I am sure effected my average speed of 11mph. I was able to complete the 31.62 mile route in just under 3 hours (2:53) which made for a nice workout and a pleasant experience.

Atlas Concepts LLC_Metrolina_Elevation and Map

route and elevation images courtesy of MapMyRun

Lastly, I must mention that despite the bridges, ponds, horses, chickens, historic sites and the great weather that I experienced the day I rode, the most unique sighting was a golf cart crossing at Pinetuck Golf Club. I am certain that this is a familiar sight to some, but for me it was a first.

Route 2 includes stretches of Pinetuck Lane and Tuckaway Road, both of which actually cut through the 150-acre golf course situated in South Carolinas’ Olde English District. Keep your eyes open for wild turkey, deer and stray golf balls!

Atlas Concepts LLC_Metrolina_Pinetuck


Jordache Williams | Atlas Concepts LLCJordache Williams is a resident and local business owner in Rock Hill, SC. His first glance at Rock Hill was obtained while attending Winthrop University near the turn of the 21st century. After an eight-year enlistment in the U.S. Army, he settled down in Rock Hill with his wife Jessica and daughter Gia. He enjoys sharing his local experiences as a way of promoting mental & physical health.